Garden Consultation

Professional Garden Coaching

A stroll through the garden will allow us to grasp the nature of the space we are dealing with, which give us an idea what changes will be possible. We’ll visit your home and walk your property to make recommendations on what you need to do to successfully create your desired outdoor space. Listening to your preferences and looking at plant options, we can help you determine plants that best suit your site, discuss horticultural practices, suggest areas of the garden that might be developed further, and how to implement those changes.

the first step towards your garden plan

Get support for planning your garden

Our "DIY Help" provides couching hour of advice, ideas and planning with you in your garden. It is particularly suited to people who aren’t sure what they could or should be doing to upgrade their garden, and want some help on how to proceed with their garden plan. A visit like this might take 1-2 hours on site, and then be followed up with a package of mailed handouts, rough sketches, and/or plant lists.

Garden coach can guide you through the process

Design Help

It's a good idea to start your garden design with a home consultation and a blank sheet of paper. During the garden consultation, we will approach the planning process in a series of uncomplicated steps: A feel for your property, your vision and desires, how to make the best use of space, developing a garden style, applying your wish list and establishing a framework and understanding the principal of planting. The design of your garden begins with understanding your ideas, how you want to use your outdoor space and reviewing the garden area to be landscaped.

Price: 285€ / 1 hour (incl. VAT)

Online Help

How would you feel if you could get professional coaching to help you with your garden plans? Garden coach is at your service also online! This service is ideal for DIY garden designers. Just send us your photos, drawings, and questions. The Garden Coach works with you, providing support, ideas, and assistance in creating a garden transformation. Service includes a hand rendered or conceptual sketches. It's the easy way to create a garden. We can work with you to create the outdoor space that best fits you and your lifestyle.

Price: 285€ - 850€ (incl. VAT)

Plant Help

We also offer a Horticultural consultation for clients interested in planting renovations rather than structural changes. The health and suitability of the existing plants will be reviewed and suggestions for new plants will be discussed. Your Garden Couch will lead you through your garden identifying plants, making suggestions, and providing information about watering, fertilizing, and pruning. You don’t need to be a horticulturist or experienced gardener to have a gorgeous outdoor living space. Let us help you create that garden of your dreams.

Price: 372€ - 850€ (incl. VAT)

Construction Help

With respect to a garden project, you will want to assess the design possibilities for your garden and learn what it would take to accomplish these. In construction, you might run into things that you need professional tips. We support you in your project at different stages, so you can take advantage of the Garden Couch advices as you proceed in your project. Construction Help is prompt care if the construction of the garden will have problems or you wish to have alternative ideas.

Price: 285€ / 1 hour (incl. VAT)

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