Our design philosophy

For us, every yard and garden is unique and individual.

We are passionate about creating innovative and unique solutions for every garden. We create gardens by putting you first – by listening to you, what you want from your garden, how you want to use it and what your personal tastes are. We collaborate with our clients to find creative, personalized solutions for every site. Large or small, formal or casual, we believe that every garden matters. With this in mind, we are passionate about making the garden and outdoor space come to life and create a personalized space for you to enjoy.

Suvi Tuokko-Harmoinen

Landscape designer, horticulturist

I believe that a well-planned garden design should reflect the personal style and needs of its owner, but it should also give the garden a sense of belonging within its surroundings and diminish the borders between the exterior and the interior spaces. I have an eye for details, and a passion for clean surfaces, simplicity and a Nordic style, which is simple, but filled with character. I try to keep a simple palette and work with materials and plants which look natural in the environment I am given. With using more natural and loose planting schemes, I can bring a sense of liveliness and warmth into the style. All of my designs have a classic Scandinavian feel with a fresh, distinguishable and personal touch.

Modern Scandinavian design

Clean, simple, effortless

Our services

- to clients seeking an outside space which is both beautiful and functional -


We offer a range of consultation services depending on the scale of your project. The design of your garden begins with understanding your ideas, how you want to use your outdoor space and reviewing the garden area to be landscaped. We also offer a Horticultural consultation for clients interested in planting renovations rather than structural changes.

Garden Design

We create unique garden designs for commercial and residential clients. Our design process is a flexible framework for client collaboration and can be modified to suit the complexity of each project. We spend time at the initial consultation getting the brief right – listening to you – and then tailor you an individual garden design package that suits your needs and meets your wishes.

Online Design Help

Designing your own garden is wonderful and rewarding. However, sometimes you could run into things that you can't solve yourself. In this case, you need someone to help you to get your project forward. You can get online help quickly and easily from talented garden designer. MyGarden - offers you the chance to get the very best creative ideas for your garden easily online.

Garden Care

A garden is an organic thing and needs some on-going attention and care, let us help you! Our goal is to meet your needs so we strive to be very flexible for you. Following an on-site consultation we will develop a Garden maintenance program tailored for your garden. Our talented gardeners can help you also with regular garden care.









A great Nordic look

with an elegant yet cozy atmosphere