Garden Care & Styling

professional maintenance service

A garden is an organic thing and needs some on-going attention and care, even if it has minimal planting. Our goal is to meet your needs so we strive to be very flexible for you. Following an on-site consultation we will develop a Garden maintenance program tailored for your garden. Our talented gardeners can help you also with regular garden care as well as creating a fresh new style with our garden styling services.

Gardener at your service:


A well maintained garden provides a great look and feel to any home and increases the appeal of your property. Our gardeners can help your garden look good all year with season programmes tailored to your requirements or simply provide a once off visit.


As seasons change, it is important to make sure your lawn and landscaping are taken care of. What better time to schedule a little clean up than the spring? Our team is here to help you enjoy a season-ready garden without ever having to lift a rake.


Sit back and let us play in the dirt for you. We'll plant your trees, shrubs and flowers. Correct planting is critical for garden establishment. We offer a professional, basic planting service for people who love gardens, but don’t love digging or simply just don’t have time.

Pruning service

Pruning helps your landscape flourish. Trimming and pruning are not just an art — they are a science as well. Your arborist knows exactly how and when to trim and prune each type of tree/shrub on your property to achieve the desired health, safety, and aesthetic results.


Some gardens and outdoor spaces don’t require a full design but benefit greatly from a new style, furniture and features. We review your space and offer advice on improvements including; updating existing planting schemes, supplying new outdoor furniture, plant containers, features, focal points and lighting.

Container gardens

Let us refresh your outdoor décor with seasonal container gardens that are designed especially for you. We’ll customize your container gardens according to your lifestyle and individual taste, while reflecting the season and latest trends. Available for both residential and commercial properties.

Maintenance plan

We can create a plan to keep your outside space maintained all year round. Whether its just from mowing and trimming or planting your flower displays for all year round maintenance and upkeep we create a custom plan to your needs and ensure we completed on time throughout the months of the year.

Holiday Help

Whilst you are away on holiday you can relax knowing that your garden is still being maintained. Holiday cover can include watering pots, containers and greenhouses. We can also keep your lawn mown making things easier on your return while at the same time giving that “still in residence” look to your property.

A great Nordic look

with an elegant yet cozy atmosphere