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Is your garden looking like it needs a makeover or without a good plan? Instead of having your garden look dull and lifeless, you can fresh it up with a good garden plan. If the sun is putting the spotlight on the worn appearance of your garden rather than gracing it with beautiful sunshine, let us help you! MyGarden - offers you the chance to get the very best creative ideas for your garden easily online. By providing a direct online garden design service and simplifying the design process it can offer great design at low cost. Service is ideal for homeowners who are seeking ideas and inspiration to help create a beautiful outside garden space. Gardens should ideally be relatively level and up to 1500m2 in size. We work closely with you so you have something that suits your needs and tastes.

Get support for planning your garden

Are you stuck with your thoughts and don't know how to proceed? Don't worry, we're happy to help.

Designing your own garden is wonderful and rewarding. However, sometimes you could run into things that you can't solve yourself. Maybe you find yourself in a situation where you have a lot of ideas, but still something is missing or maybe you're stuck with your thoughts. In this case, you need someone to help you to get your project forward. You can get online help quickly and easily from talented garden designer. We can provide advice, design tips and planting plans from one flowerbed to a full-size garden.

Follow these 4 easy steps:


Tell us your problem

Send us an email with approximate dimensions of your garden and some photos. Based on the information you send, we'll offer you a suitable design package.


Fill the questionnaire

When you’ve accepted the offer, a 50% deposit is charged prior to work starting. We’ll then send you a questionnaire to fill in so you can list all the things you do and don’t want in your garden. Included is a link to an online idea gallery to help you narrow down the type of garden style you’d like. We'll also ask you to send us a few pictures of your garden.


Review & comment the concept plan

Once the design is started we aim to get a concept plan back to you to review within 2 weeks. After you have looked over the concept plan ideas and given feedback, we'll then draw up the design and produce a scale plan that the garden can be constructed from. If needed, we can also arrange a time to discuss your garden either by phone or Skype.


Start building your dream garden

When the plan is finished we will invoice you for the remaining 50% and as soon as the final payment is received the plans will be send to you.


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