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Unique and enduring design solutions result in a high-quality outdoor space that combines visual appeal and functionality.

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A functional outdoor space is built upon various functionalities, with solutions tailored to the client's lifestyle and preferences.


Creating a garden plan is a process in which an aesthetically pleasing and functional design language is established for the outdoor space. Thoughtful and refined landscaping solutions ensure that the garden becomes a cohesive entity that aligns with the client's style and lifestyle. Balanced proportions, unique elements, and harmonious vegetation combine to form a distinctive outdoor area that anchors the buildings within the surrounding landscape, seamlessly connecting indoor and outdoor spaces into a practical and visually appealing whole.

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Design packages and pricing

My garden designs are visually cohesive entities that are built around the surrounding landscape and your specific preferences. From the range of services, you can customize a solution that best serves your needs.


The design package is tailored to your needs. Through my services, you can receive garden designs ranging from rough sketches to complete implementation plans, depending on your individual design requirements. Garden plans can also be created as partial plans, focusing on a specific area of the garden that requires particular attention. This could include the garden entrance, terrace area, summer kitchen, vegetable garden, or individual planting areas and perennial beds. All garden design packages include data collection, conceptualization of the overall garden appearance, spatial layout and design, placement of features, suggestions for vegetation and surface materials, as well as a 2D garden layout.

Idea Garden

The design package serves you when you need a professional's insight into renovating your garden, ideas for revitalization, or assistance in solving smaller garden issues. The package is also suitable for use as support for DIY garden planning. It includes gathering initial information about the garden and a concept-level sketch plan (2D).

Hinta : 1240€ - 1860€

My Garden

My Garden is a lightweight design option suitable for DIY garden builders and new property gardens, among others. This service provides an expert's perspective on conceptualizing the garden's overall appearance, layout, and design. The package includes a comprehensive initial information gathering, a general-level layout plan (2D) for the garden, 3D visualizations, and hardscaping and planting plan.

Hinta : 2480€ - 4200€

The Unique Garden

The Unique Garden design package is the right choice when you want to invest in individual and high-quality design. This service provides unique solutions for creating the garden's individual style and designing design solutions. The package includes a comprehensive 3D-animated garden plan and implementation plan.

Hinta : 3200€ - 5860€


My focus is on individual and customer-centric design, aiming to create a functional outdoor space that suits the customer's personal style.


We begin the design project with a comprehensive initial survey, during which we gather the necessary information about the property and your design preferences. If up-to-date site plans are available for the design site, the initial survey can also be conducted flexibly as an online package or, depending on the design site and your preferences, as an on-site visit.

After the initial survey, we proceed to the first design phase, where the garden is sketched based on the provided information. After this, the plan is submitted to you for your comments. Following your feedback, the plan is finalized with detailed plans as agreed in the design package and handed over to you.

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