Casa Cara - boutique hotel

In the soft shade of pine trees, you can forget about daily life and enjoy your stay. The garden's details have been carefully designed to provide a soothing and beautiful environment for visitors to savor.

Lush Urban Courtyard

The renovated and inviting urban courtyard holds great significance for its owners, providing a space where the family can enjoy quality time together. Meticulously planned planting areas seamlessly incorporate greenery into the fabric of home life.

The Lounge - Relaxed Quality Time

A sloped backyard was transformed to provide comfortable outdoor areas for both family and friends to relax and socialize. The design placed a strong emphasis on seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor areas, with large panoramic windows playing a key role in achieving this.

Bold and Beautiful

Boldness, vibrant colors, modern design, and a hint of oriental flair were the defining elements of the residents' style. Their aspiration was to create a summer kitchen ideal for passionate chefs, a private outdoor lounge space, and an additional element that would harmonize with their modern, stylish home.

The Revamped Hillside Haven

The overgrown hillside of the semi-detached house underwent a remarkable transformation. The renewed garden seamlessly combines both a down-to-earth atmosphere and luxury-class comforts.

Woodland Retreat

The homeowners recognized the presence of unused space on their property, and the incomplete state of the yard was limiting its functionality. Through thoughtful planning, the unfinished backyard was reimagined as a tranquil woodland oasis

Down by the Sea - Seaside Lounge

In the planning process, the untouched shoreline was transformed into a space that offers opportunities for relaxation from morning to night. Both the materials and the plantings were carefully selected for their durability and natural aesthetics to withstand the ever-changing conditions of the seaside.

Family-Friendly Backyard

Playfulness and intrigue were infused into the backyard by creating diverse pathways that offer children a delightful playground to explore. The design aimed to seamlessly integrate children's play into the garden and create versatile garden structures.

From Neglected to Relaxing Roof Garden

The underutilized rooftop terrace was in need of a makeover, as it no longer met the residents' needs. Through a well-defined spatial layout, the neglected rooftop terrace was transformed into a haven for relaxation, offering the opportunity to enjoy hot tub baths and practice putting..

Poolhouse Garden

The pool area seamlessly integrates with the natural surroundings, surrounded by oasis-like planting areas. With a selection of durable and low-maintenance plants, the lush look is maintained year-round.

From Jungle to Cozy Outdoor Lounge

The garden of the recently renovated house had turned into a wild jungle, making it hard to picture. The homeowners longed for a cozy outdoor living area for the whole family and clarity in the planting areas to make maintenance easier.

Romantic Villa Garden

The 1920s villa had undergone a full renovation, yet its wild garden yearned for a revitalization to bring back its former splendor. The family sought a garden that would harmonize seamlessly with their renovated home, capturing the essence of the era.

A Rain Garden

Thoughtfully placed rain garden efficiently filters stormwater, enhancing garden sustainability and reducing maintenance - it breathes life into the garden.

Bohemian Cottage Retreat

Life at the cottage with young children was less than ideal, as the outdoor spaces and facilities didn't support the activities inside the cottage. Moreover, the windy conditions on the property presented a challenge. The redesign of the beachfront garden was driven by the needs and preferences of its users.

58m2 - Refreshing the Rowhouse Garden

The compact rowhouse yard underwent a transformation, turning it from an impractical lawn area into a private outdoor living space.

Personalized Small Backyard

The small rowhouse garden required a transformation following drainage renovation. The resident also desired space for cultivating herbs and a few useful plants. Through clever solutions, every square meter was efficiently utilized, with plants elevated on walls and integrated between terrace boards.

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