Suvi Tuokko-Harmoinen

Landscape designer, Horticulturist

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Creating Beauty with Passion

For me, every garden represents a distinct and unique entity, each with its own character and potential. I view every garden space as an individual canvas, ripe with possibilities for transformation and creativity. The process of designing these spaces is something I approach with a deep sense of passion and commitment. I dedicate myself to understanding the unique aspects of each area, considering how each element can be harmonized to create a cohesive and beautiful whole. My approach is rooted in the belief that every garden is not just a physical space but a living, breathing entity that deserves careful thought and inspired design.


In my perspective, a truly successful outdoor space is a reflection of its users' unique personal lifestyle and meets their functional needs effectively. A well-executed garden design harmoniously integrates the outdoors with its surroundings, gently blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor living. The distinctive details of a garden, combined with a clear Scandinavian style and a creative fusion of materials, colors, and plant life, culminate in an outdoor area that is simultaneously understated and brimming with personality. What ties all my designs together is the Nordic aesthetic, characterized by a fresh and functional approach to organizing outdoor spaces as integral, harmonious extensions of the home.

Press / Media

When it's about gardens, I'm happy to be part of the project.


Gardening and nature are both my lifestyle and my source of inspiration. In my work, I have combined my expertise in the green industry with content production, creating garden design and gardening-related articles for garden magazines. The garden designs I have created have also been featured in international garden magazines and books. I enjoy taking on the role of an expert in garden articles, at exhibitions and events, as well as in television and radio appearances.

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Suvi Tuokko-Harmoinen

Landscape designer, Horticulturist