Colorful Herb Garden

The small rowhouse garden required a transformation following drainage renovation and the resident didn't feel at home within the plain white fences. The resident desired a burst of vibrant colors and an abundance of personality in the backyard! Moreover, they aimed to grow herbs and some useful plants but faced difficulties due to the low-quality soil.


ChatGPT Due to limited space and the inability to access the yard with machinery, the entire yard was transformed into a terraced surface. Elevated planting areas acted as space dividers, offering deeper planting opportunities for small trees. Herbs and salads found their place in cultivation troughs embedded between the terrace boards. The dominance of white fences was softened with vertical trellises and floral arrangements attached to the fence. This created a more spacious atmosphere, utilizing every square meter of the yard.

  • Design Project

    Rowhouse garden in Zone IB, Finland

  • Size of the Design Area


  • Special features

    Sunny and enclosed small garden with efficient layout. Herb garden.

  • Designed by

    Suvi Tuokko-Harmoinen, 2018